CV Designs Online

for your authentic, custom online business. Includes hosting, easy editing, news & blogging engine, customer tracking, email hosting & marketing, e-commerce and customer communication; all from one interface

(replaces 5 seperate services) to start and grow your business.


Almost every potential customer uses or has access to a start device (Smartphone/Tablet)and wants to browse and interact with your website on these devices


We pride ourselves on being early adapters of the new and emerging industry trends while delivering web based solutions that make use of the latest cutting edge technologies.


Responsive Web Design now underpins the end users experience when engaging with your website and is now and the industry standard. We eliminate restrictions of browsing your business site on the traditional desktop computer or laptop.


Clean Professional Code has a high priority in any well developed web solution, it is for this reason we use the Bootstrap framework for our solutions


Online selling can be a powerful thing – with millions of customers potentially searching for you!If you are selling offline but not off, you are likely missing out on a great revenue stream.

Social Marketing

We have the code allready in place for integrating your business with social media. This is so important these days. Our platform is set up to ealily connect fb, twitter accounts and such with just a few clicks.