CV Designs LLC

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  • Client: CV Designs
  • Date: 14-Feb-2017

AThe purpose of CV Designs Online is to design and develop unique, efficient, user friendly and dependable online businesses that stay 100% functional. When you wish to sell products, market your ideas or have a place to display and promote your services we are your one stop solution. CV Designs is an innovative, up to date and complete business service. You won’t need to go anywhere else. This can be strictly an online business (digital or mail order materials) or an addition to your brick and mortar establishment.

CCV Designs provides five services from one administration portal. Your hosting (on Amazon servers), content management (blogs, easy browser editing, detailed tracking, forums, member areas, search engine reports, etc…), eCommerce (includes, sales payments, shipping, tax, catalogues, affiliate programs, etc…), Email Marketing (all inclusive custom pages, campaigns, notifications, etc…), and customer database management (drag and drop form builders with real time credit card processing, etc…).


CV Designs specializes in the industries we know well related to health & fitness,bands, construction, livesock, music, Native American, rodeo and trucking.

VCV Designs Online offers clients the potential to grow into a productive thriving company generating positive and useful content for the online communities.Our mission is to create reliable functionality and productivity that makes the world a better and more beautiful place. Our priority is the creation of user-friendly functional sites for our clients to operate the on-line presence of their business as easily and beautifully as possible. We focus on universal design accessibility to reach the broadest audience possible.