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We are not a big agency with unnecessary overhead expenses. I pass those savings onto the customer. You can get your business thriving online at a very reasonable cost.



I have worked in many industries and understand the nature of business. Working with web-code since 2003, am versed on a lot of platforms. A lot of the older web developers have quit since the rise in mobile and new technologies. I went back to school and received a bachelor of science degree in multimedia design and development in 2015 to keep up with the times. Received a degree in web graphic design in 2013. We have the technology and resources in place to quickly and efficiently do the jobs from one integrated system. Other companies or individuals usually have to go to at least five systems to accomplish the same things. Our priority is the creation of user-friendly functional sites for our clients to operate the on-line presence of their business as easily and beautifully as possible. We focus on universal design accessibility to reach the broadest audience possible.
CV Designs Online offers clients the potential to grow into a productive thriving company generating positive and useful content. for the world-wide Online communities. If you have a vision for your Online business or presence, we can bring it to life.

AAdvantage Value: We take the extra time to insure your business is visible to the largest audience possible. Our bundled service will save you considerable time and money. You can learn how to easily manage and update your content in editable areas and enjoy doing it. The advantages are too numerous to list in this brief. In Summary; You will be happy!

M Mission and Purpose;To create reliable functionality and productivity that makes the world a better and more beautiful place.

Websites are Dead, Avoid the same fate think Online Businesses, Not Websites

About CV

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Clay Vandament
Founder-Owner, Education

Associate of Applied Science in Web Graphic Design with honors; January 2013 DeVry University Phoenix, AZ.

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design and Development; Magna Cum Laude 2015, Oklahoma City, OK.

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What You Get

Why do you need these tools integrated into one, powerful platform? Customers retained in your database. Can send them emails /newsletters, sales alerts etc. Create repeat business. It's your online business, and you are in control. Start creating lasting success, today!

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Complete Business Solution! 
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Web Design, Web Animation, Advanced Web Design, Instructional Design for Multimedia.